L-1350 Mining Wheel Loader

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Operating capacities, weights, and dimensions

Standard lift
High lift
Bucket capacity*
22.94 m3
30 yd3
21.41 m3
28 yd3
Operating payload
40,823 kg
90,000 lbs.
38,102 kg
84,000 lbs.
Static tipping loads:
Full 45º turn

102,058 kg
81,647 kg

225,000 lbs.
180,000 lbs.

95,254 kg
76,204 kg

210,000 lbs.
168,000 lbs.
Breakout force
961 kN
216,135 lbs.
987 kN
221,907 lbs.
Operating weight
183,705 kg
405,000 lbs.
185,973 kg
410,000 lbs.

*Standard rock bucket based on a material density of 1780 kg/m3 (3000 lbs./yd.3)

Working ranges

1193 kW
1600 HP
High lift

40,823 kg
38,102 kg

90,000 lbs.
84,000 lbs.
Bucket capacity
Sized to material density
Truck match
181 to 236 mt
200 to 260 st

Overall dimensions

Standard lift
High lift
4.45 m
14 ft. 7 in.
4.45 m
14 ft. 7 in.
Width outside tires
5.77 m
18 ft. 11 in.
5.77 m
18 ft. 11 in.
Rock bucket without deflectors
6.40 m
21 ft. 0 in.
6.40 m
21 ft. 0 in.
Rock bucket with deflectors
6.71 m
22 ft. 0 in.
6.71 m
22 ft. 0 in.
Coal bucket
7.44 m
24 ft. 5 in.
7.44 m
24 ft. 5 in.
Height bucket fully raised
11.40 m
37 ft. 5 in.
11.73 m
38 ft. 6 in.
Hinge: pin height
8.71 m
28 ft. 7 in.
9.14 m
30 ft. 0 in.
Dump clearance
6.42 m
21 ft. 1 in.
7.06 m
23 ft. 2 in.
Reach at full lift
2.69 m
8 ft. 10 in.
2.79 m
9 ft. 2 in.
Digging depth
0.15 m
0 ft. 6 in.
0.25 m
0 ft. 10 in.
Ground clearance
0.62 m
2 ft. 0 in.
0.62 m
2 ft. 0 in.
6.48 m
21 ft. 3 in.
6.48 m
21 ft. 3 in.
Overall length carry position
16.68 m
54 ft. 9 in.
17.27 m
56 ft. 8 in.
Overall length bucket down
17.06 m
56 ft. 0 in.
17.45 m
57 ft. 3 in.
Height over cab
6.05 m
19 ft. 10 in.
6.05 m
19 ft. 10 in.

Designed for productivity

  • SAE-rated buckets for providing full payload in accordance with SAE standards
  • Integrated LINCS II monitoring and control system for a simple, highly responsive, and semi-automated control interface
  • Integrated Joy SR Hybrid Drive system for providing power regeneration capability during loading cycle

Designed for reliability

  • High-strength, low-alloy steel frame structures with excellent weld characteristics
  • High-strength castings and forgings in key areas of fabricated structures to reduce stress and improve structural life
  • Integral, fixed front axle; rear, pivoting axle that oscillates 11 degrees
  • Independent power module mounting system cradled by a three-point isolation system
  • Ball-and-socket design featured in frame articulation, lift arm attachments, lower hoist cylinder support, and rear axle oscillation pivot points
  • Attachment system that absorbs and distributes multidirectional stresses significantly better than pin-and-clevis system
  • Continuous synthetic lubrication and recirculation filtration in planetary drives
  • Diesel electric drive constant RPM system to assure full hydraulic flow, providing longer engine life and reduced fuel economy
  • Pressurized axle housings for maintaining an air-cooled, dust-free environment

Designed for easy maintenance

  • Multiple maintenance-friendly access points to engine, radiator, KLENZ filtration system, hydraulic pumps and hoses, air compressor, Joy SR power conversion system, and traction motors
  • Separated high- and low-voltage cabinets
  • LINCS II interactive offline tool for providing downloaded diagnostic information

Designed for operator comfort

  • Superior weight distribution allows for machine stability when working on grade
  • Seamless direction control/braking for reduced operator fatigue
  • Ergonomically designed joysticks
  • Automated lift arm and bucket functions
  • Two-door ingress and egress
  • Simplified dash layout
  • Easily visible and readable LCD screen
  • Pressurized, insulated cab with air conditioning, heating, and sound dampening
  • Eleven-way adjustable air ride seat
  • Unmatched visibility
  • Pressurized and filtered cab air, featuring KLENZ air filtration system
    • 99.9% effective in removing air particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • Self-purging design for stretching filter life to 5,000 hours or more (15 times longer than conventional filtration systems)

Simulators for training efficiency

Our realistic virtual training simulators allow operators to learn the machine’s controls quickly and safely, as well as master the entire process from start to finish, before they set foot into a real-world piece of equipment. Training simulators lead to less machine downtime, fewer accidents, and more efficient and productive operation.

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Mining Wheel Loader

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The L-1350 wheel loader, with an operating capacity of 40,823 kg (90,000 lbs.), can center load haulage trucks with payload ratings ranging from 200 to 260 tons. The most powerful and productive wheel loader in its class, the L-1350 is part of the Generation 2 wheel loader line

  • 40,823 kg (90,000 lbs.) operating capacity
  • Integrated Joy SR Hybrid Drive system for the lowest possible fuel consumption levels
  • Integrated LINCS II monitoring and control system
  • Integrated KLENZ air filtration system
  • Multiple maintenance-friendly access points
  • Handles floor clean-up in addition to wheel loading
  • Well-suited for blending applications
  • Ideal for operations with frequent equipment relocations or moves during blasting cycles

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