MT6300AC Haul Truck

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General Overview

363 tonne (400 ton)
Rated Output
2,796 kW (3,750 hp)
Loaded Vehicle Weight
603,288 kg (1,330,000 lb)
Max Speed
64 km/h (40 mph)


MTU/DDC Series 4000
Number of cylinders
Operating cycle
4-stroke diesel
Gross power output*
2,796 kW (3,750 hp)
Net fl ywheel power output*
2,605 kW (3,492 hp)
Weight (dry)
11,077 kg (24,420 lb)
* Rated power output is based on standard conditions in accordance with ISO 3046 and/or SAE J1995. Flywheel power output is the rated power output at the engine fl ywheel minus the average accessory losses. Accessory losses include radiator fan, battery charging alternator, air conditioner compressor, cooling blowers and hydraulic pumps
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Haul Truck

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The massive hauler known as the MT6300AC is the only 363-tonne (400-ton) truck in the industry designed from the ground up. The MT6300AC offers outstanding efficiency and productivity, thanks to its impressive payload capacity and class-leading features like superb ground clearance, triple-reduction wheel motors and a patented dump body design. It is details such as these that make the innovatively engineered MT6300AC a profi table member of any mining operation.

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